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I work with owners of B2B service

businesses who meet these criteria...

  • Your clients are other businesses - not consumers

    There is a unique and subtle differences between selling to consumers and selling to other businesses. In particular, my clients are typically selling solutions to companies that are much bigger than their own. For my coaching, I specialize in B2B companies. 

  • You have no products or patents or proprietary process - just people

    You might not have any physical products or patents or proprietary process - but what you do have is intellectual capital made up in the form of designers, programmers, writers, project managers, account managers, strategists, account executives, admin/support staff, etc. The people you attract make your business a huge success (or a place you hate to go to in the morning.) It's all in your hands.

  • You own the majority of the business

    To effect real and lasting change, I need to work directly with the ultimate decision-maker in the business. If you are an equal partner with someone, then I am probably not the right fit for you. (And I wish you good luck in the future!)

  • You are doing at least $3 million in annual revenue

    If you have hit this revenue milestone, then you obviously know how to deliver for clients. The question is: how do you get to the next level, and the next level after that? You've also need to have an "end game" in mind for this growing financial asset.

  • You know what you don't know - and are willing to learn

    I believe that "knowing what I don't know" has been one of my biggest strengths over the course of my career. In fact, my most successful clients are also the ones who "know what they don't know" and are smart enough to find people who do. 

How I can help you...


    Where are you headed? Without a clearly defined destination, you will drive around but not get anywhere.


    The key to success is to be clearly differentiated from your competitors. How do you do that?


    Create the type of company where people love to work and you will see everything get better.


    Service business is about people, and whoever has the best people - full time or freelance - wins.


    How do you create a consistent supply of good clients, who have money and interesting projects?


    Deadlines, budgets, and process. All three need to be in alignment for your firm to deliver and grow.


    How do match your services with a prospect's needs in order to create a win/win sales situation?  


    Once you get a client, how do you effectively grow that account? This is where your true profit is hidden.


    What is your plan? Sell your business, pass it on to your kids or employees, go public, or work forever? You have to know.

How I got here...

When I sold my B2B professional services company to a publicly traded company, I earned my investors a 7,000 percent (70X) return on their investment, and also secured financial security for my family. While I wasn't ready to retire (too young) I had reached a critical milestone which was time freedom; the ability to work when I wanted to, with people I liked, on projects I believed in. 


Over the years I've raised capital for startups; served as a "turnaround CEO" for troubled service-based businesses; founded three new service businesses and co-founded three other technology companies that were subsequently acquired or valued at over $100 million. I have also worked with CEOs of small to mid-sized B2B service firms to help refine their strategies and build their revenues. Much of this work has centered around identifying entirely new sources of revenue, as well as sources of recurring revenues that could be locked in over time.


But my real passion lies in coaching and mentoring founders and CEOs of B2B service businesses. If that is you, then I want to help you create the life you long for. I can help refine your strategy, show you how I increase revenues and profits, and create a dynamic and fun corporate culture. My goal is to help every CEO work “on” their business as opposed to “in” the business.


I have also had the privilege of helping a half dozen of my clients sell their business for anywhere from $5 to $20 million. That may or may not be a goal of yours, but it's good to know that the option is there. Want to learn more? Click the button below....



"Bob has worked with me over the years to bring a very valuable “outsider" perspective to our business. Bob has inspired me as a leader, introduced us to new concepts, challenged our traditional ways of operating, and in the end, has added a tremendous amount of value to our business. He is very supportive but also pushes me out of my comfort zone when needed, to take a hard look at tough situations. He has not only helped us in our core business, but also in launches of new initiatives that strategically leverage our strengths. He is among my most trusted advisors and - if you have the opportunity - I would urge you to take advantage of his experience and insights."

CEO of a 140 year old diversified
service business

"I have been working with Bob Cooper over the past few years and can honestly say that our business is much better for it. First, he helped me refine the overall strategy for the business by showing me how to focus on less prospects in smaller niches. Bob has an uncanny ability to cut through layers of noise and identify the key underlying issue at hand, whether that is in sales and marketing, or operations or HR. I look to him as more than a consultant; he is a trusted advisor and mentor - sort of like my very own business “Yoda.” Bob's proven track record of success in launching and scaling B2B service-based businesses is a valuable asset that gives me a significant strategic advantage over my competition, and I would highly recommend him for your business as well."

CEO of custom software development firm

"As the president of a privately held small fast growing company, Bob ‘s help and guidance have been invaluable. His real-life experience in having had already dealt with many of the issues I was facing – as well as being a sounding board to kick issues and ideas around – have been quite beneficial. On top of these benefits, Bob has always offered (and followed up) with helpful links and contacts to assist me in developing our business. I highly recommend Bob if you want someone to challenge yourself, the status quo, and to keep your company growing!”

CEO of a medical communications firm

So, how we can work together?

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